Bliss - Reproductions - B Love

Bliss - Reproductions


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    Rarity: Open Edition
    Medium & Technique: Sculpture
    Genre: Contemporary | Figurative | Visionary


The intention of this year long project is to radiate the essence of meditation and the bliss of going within, to meet the heart's mystery...

This limited edition sculpture can be cast in either Bronze or Aluminum (80% post-consumer).

$4,000 for an Aluminum Cast

$5,000 for a Bronze Cast

On the night of Saturday, November 28th 2015, I humbly asked Hayley Porter if she would allow me to capture her Incredible Beauty through art of Sculpture. She gladly excepted my proposition!

80+ hours have been dedicated to creating this piece.

I have an enormous level of Gratitude for the Dedication, Perseverance, Patience, and Generosity that Hayley showed again and again throughout this grand endeavor!

Here is a photo album showing and describing a step by step process of the sculpture!

Hayley's website:

ARTIST NAME: Brandon Love