The Seer - Gage Kelsey

The Seer


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    Rarity: Original Artwork
    Medium & Technique: Bright and Vivid Colors | Canvas | Mixed Media
    Genre: Contemporary | Fine | Mythology and Religion | Visionary


In the search of form in the formless, a being arose. This multidimensional voyager took on many shapes before finding the final form captured in the painting before you. He is a physical prescience of all that was in store for me to learn, shed and evolve over the next two years on my journey around the world. He is a completely timeless or timefull being, containing aesthetic understandings of the past, present and future. The past: the jacket pattern leveraged from a previous 2D illustration “Perfect Imperfection.” The present: the designing of the headpiece and the transition of my flow/doodle style from flat 2D line work into 3D form, along with the hundreds of hours of rendering. The future: sharing “in sight” of my mentor Luke Brown and glimpsing from his eyes how to build form, volume, depth and the usage of light. The Merkabah suspended between the star gates in the being’s right hand represent this timeliness evolution of consciousness or the journey towards higher levels of creation and understanding. Embossed on the left hand of the being, lays my first sigil. With over 8 layers of color on the 344 tubes in the background, it foreshadowed one of my greatest lessons I am still working on today – Balance. This painting induced great bliss, mania, confusion, confidence, wisdom, doubt, insecurities and so much more. Being my first +300 hour painting, I saw the true extent to which this thing called art is really just a physical mirror for yourself. It reflects your greatest hopes and aspirations while testing your resolve and fortitude, and confronting you along the way with all of your weaknesses. Painting is a meditation, an art of being that results in a physical optical experience for yourself and others. This was the deepest meditation – confrontation of self that I had experienced artistically in my life at that point.
ARTIST NAME: Gage Kelsey
ART MARKET TYPE: Primary Market (Direct from Artist)
FRAMED: Unframed