The Everett Interpretation Theory - Gage Kelsey

The Everett Interpretation Theory


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    Rarity: Original Artwork
    Medium & Technique: Acrylic Painting | Bright and Vivid Colors | Linen | Oil Painting
    Genre: Contemporary | Fine | Visionary


This painting was creating for a group show where the only colors I could use were green, purple, gold, and earth tones. As I have been honing in my skills, I am still uncovering what my style is. There is no rush to get there. But there are many different rabbit holes and paths that I feel drawn to. There are two different ways I paint: 1 is coming up with a concept and sculpting my composition like architect. Then I construct the painting following to the plans I built for myself.The other way of painting is just to start painting with no thing in mind. To let your subconscious and the play of the paint inform all of your imagery and symbolism. I painted this piece in the latter method, which lends its self to a lot of magical surprises. The intention of this painting was simply to discover something new. The first brush strokes of the canvas literally were painting the word dis–covery. That intention is embedded there forever under all of the arranged pigment. Discovering worlds and foreign lands in different dimensions or realities is one of those amazingly enticing rabbit holes that I like to go down.With this type of painting style, the meaning often comes to me as the painting grows. I named it the Everett Interpretation Theory because this painting is very much a visual representation of that quantum mechanic theory. In summation it states that there is a multitude of worlds and realities where anything that can occur is occurring somewhere!
ARTIST NAME: Gage Kelsey
ART MARKET TYPE: Primary Market (Direct from Artist)
FRAMED: Unframed