Sigil Magic - Gage Kelsey

Sigil Magic


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    Rarity: Original Artwork
    Medium & Technique: Acrylic Painting | Canvas | Dark Colors
    Genre: Contemporary | Fantasy | Figurative | Fine | Visionary


After traveling to Poland to study the works of deceased master painter Bezinski, I created this painting. I focused as much on the technical aspect of this creation as the magical incantation. As a young child, I fanaticized about being an x-men or having magical powers like Harry Potter. As I grew older, it turned into wanting to encounter aliens, or other multidimensional beings. Reflecting upon is this yearning I realized that I really enjoy the mystery of the unknown – the grand question of where we come from?, are there higher powers? ect. Depicted, is the moment of encounter with an alien object. She is consumed with intrigue and her mind races; thinking that anything can be possible because of this experience.To create the painting, I first designed the alien object and crafted it 3D. The symbols caved in the glowing object are sigils. They stand for fearlessness and love. My intention was to make this science fiction scenario as realistic as possible – allowing the viewer to believe its tangibility. After creating the light fixture, I photographed Savannah nude with the alien object shining in front of her. All of the glowing patterns on her body are real light projections from the fixture.
ARTIST NAME: Gage Kelsey
ART MARKET TYPE: Primary Market (Direct from Artist)
FRAMED: Unframed