Divine Relativity - Gage Kelsey

Divine Relativity


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    Rarity: Original Artwork
    Medium & Technique: Bright and Vivid Colors | Egg Tempera | Linen | Oil Painting
    Genre: Contemporary | Fantasy | Fine | Realism | Visionary


An alien goes for a hike in the sacred mountain of the Source Spark Reliquary of his home planet when he discovers a discarded artifact overgrown with vegetation. Using his prowess in non-linear sight, he touches the helmet and releases the history within.A man on a research vessel sent deep into space, is searching for the lost tribe of our ancestors, the beings from the sky that left their marks in ancient Earth’s history. The one’s who gave us knowledge of the stars, the one’s who we attributed great monuments, temples, and religious scriptures too. The astronaut’s mission was to find this ancient race, of many names, and learn their wisdom and higher levels of consciousness to bring knowledge back to Earth to heal the planet – the beings inhabiting it. After years of cryogenic sleep in a hyperbolic chamber, the astronaut’s onboard system discovers a planet in the goldilox zone. The traveler is awoken. He scans the surface for life forms with sonar and thermal sensors. A blip pops on screen, and the man points his stead in its direction.He opens the hatch and immediately drops to his knees. It was the same monolith as beneath the burial chamber in the Temple of Ra on the Lower Nile. He feels a deep vibration in his chest – unsure if it’s his excitement or being emitted from the monolith, he remotely sets his craft into the stratosphere to get an aerial reading.Gravity loses its full effect as the explorer feels the resonance grow. His whole body is vibrating and the air feels dense around him. A flash crosses him and he is instilled with the knowledge that he is exactly where he needs to be. Disregarding his suit’s atmospheric meter reading, he removes his helmet and breathes in the thick air filled with the smell of the red dirt. As he approaches the monolith, the vibration in is chest gets stronger. He is almost shaking now, struggling to walk straight. Three meters from the elongated-head stone carving it starts to make a high frequency hum. The eyes of the monolith begin to glow. The man holds is barium glow rod up to the monolith to read the carved glyphs. The ancient language releases something hidden within, deep inside his DNA and jolts him into trance. His mind stays in sync, following the rapid vision stories spanning millennia’s of time. He sees the gases cool and form into rock, the first meteor strike the Earth and wipe the planet of life. He views the primal evolution of distant planets and the monolith builders disseminating knowledge and morals, interbreeding and spicing DNA to speed the evolution of local population. He is completely open now, able to perceive all realities through time, hithered only by his body. He attunes to the source; he sees the meaning of all being – the oneness of the universe. His body disintegrates.
ARTIST NAME: Gage Kelsey
ARTWORK SIZE (INCHES): WxHxD 38.5x30.5x2
ART MARKET TYPE: Primary Market (Direct from Artist)
FRAMED: Unframed